Duchy of Warsaw

Napoleonic client state (1807–1815)

The Duchy of Warsaw (Polish: Księstwo Warszawskie, French: Duché de Varsovie, German: Herzogtum Warschau) was a Polish state started by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars. Poland had been divided among its neighbors in the Partitions of Poland. The Dutchy was made up of the Polish lands given to France by the Kingdom of Prussia under the terms of the Treaties of Tilsit. Prussian and Russian troops occupied it when Napoleon was defeated in Russia. This split was made official in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna.

Duchy of Warsaw
Księstwo Warszawskie  (Polish)
Duché de Varsovie  (French)
Herzogtum Warschau  (German)
Greater Coat of Arms:
The Duchy of Warsaw in 1812
The Duchy of Warsaw in 1812
StatusClient state of the French Empire,
Personal union with the Kingdom of Saxony
Common languagesPolish, French, German
Roman Catholic
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• 1807–1815
Frederick Augustus I
Prime Minister 
• 1807
Stanisław Małachowski
• 1807–1808
Ludwik S. Gutakowski
• 1808–1809
Józef Poniatowski
• 1809–1815
Stanisław K. Potocki
Chamber of Deputies
Historical eraNapoleonic Wars
9 June 1807
22 July 1807
19 April 1809
14 October 1809
24 June 1812
9 June 1815
• Total
157,194 km2 (60,693 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
South Prussia
West Prussia
New East Prussia
Netze District
West Galicia
Congress Poland
Grand Duchy of Posen
West Prussia
Free City of Cracow

Polish fighting in the Napoleonic Wars started when the first Polish legions were made with supporters of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Napoleon used them during the campaigns in Italy to great effect.