EasyEnglish is a subset of the English language used for making the Bible text easy to understand.[1]

It is used to explain complex ideas in the Bible in a simple way.[2] EasyEnglish is used to make to Bible readable by everyone who has a minimal knowledge of English. EasyEnglish comes in two levels. "Level A" has about 1200 words. "Level B" has about 2800 words. Its rules include using one topic per paragraph.[2] It does not use passive verbs, split infinitives, ambiguous pronouns or idioms.[2]

This vocabulary and its application rules are similar to those of VOA Special English, SPOTLIGHT Specialized English and Globish. All three based on a vocabulary list of some 1500 words and guide lines on simple writing. In some way, the rules are also comparable to the simple English Wikipedia and Wiktionary guidelines.

EasyEnglish Bible

The EasyEnglish Bible is produced by MissionAssist. It uses British English. It is currently found on the YouVersion app and on its on EasyEnglish app, with portions published by the British and Foreign Bible Society.


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