God in Judaism

Jewish conceptions of God
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Jews believe in only one god, because they believe that that one god was not only the creator of the world, but also that they can have an individual and personal relationship with Him. The name of that god is God, meaning “The Name” or “My Master”.

The religion started in Mesopotamia, later on moving to Canaan, and near the Middle East. It developed gradually around 1800 BCE. During this time, God talked to Abraham, and told him to go to Canaan with his followers. Once they arrived, they became sheep herders. But one day, famine caused them to flee to Egypt, where they eventually became slaves. After all that happened, God talked to another spiritual leader in Judaism to help Abraham and his followers get back to Canaan, which he eventually did. The religion spread widely after that. The spread is called the Jewish Diaspora. The Jews spread to other countries and took their religion with them.

The Jews have to follow specific rules from their bible. One of them is the 10 commandments. They also have to live near their Synagogue because they don't believe in taking transportation on Shabbat.