First Austrian Republic

sovereign state in Europe (1919–1934)

The Republic of Austria is the period of Austrian history after the signing of the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye of September 1919. It went through the settlement after the end of World War I which put an end to the Republic of German-Austria. It continued up to World War II. Austria was a de-facto republic, but its official name was the Federal State of Austria.

Republic of Austria
Republik Österreich
Anthem: Deutschösterreich, du herrliches Land
"German Austria, you wonderful country"
Common languagesGerman
Roman Catholic
• 1919–1920
Karl Seitz
• 1920–1928
Michael Hainisch
• 1928–1934
Wilhelm Miklas
• 1919–1920
Karl Renner (first)
• 1932–1934
Engelbert Dollfuss (last)
• Upper Chamber
• Lower Chamber
Historical eraInterwar period
21 October 1919
15 July 1927
12 February 1934
1 May 1934
CurrencyAustrian Krone,
Austrian Schilling
ISO 3166 codeAT
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of German-Austria
Federal State of Austria

This period was had a lot of conflict between the left and the right. The July Revolt of 1927 was an example. The Constitution of Austria was started in 1920 and changed in 1929. The Federal State (sometimes called the First Republic) came to an end with the Anschluss to Nazi Germany in 1938. Some people say the end came with the start of the Austro-fascist dictatorship in 1933/34 following the Austrian Civil War.

48°12′N 16°22′E / 48.200°N 16.367°E / 48.200; 16.367