Francoist Spain

1939–1975 dictatorial regime which emerged after the Spanish civil war

Francoist Spain or the Spanish State (Spanish: España franquista) or the Francoist dictatorship (dictadura franquista), was the period of Spanish history between 1939 and 1975, when Francisco Franco ruled Spain. After his death in 1975, Spain transitioned into a democracy. During this time period Spain was officially known as the Spanish State (Estado Español). It was formed in 1939 after the Spanish Civil War from 1936-1939 with support from Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler and Italy and Benito Mussolini to support the Spanish Nationalist while the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin want to support the Spanish Communists . In the end the Nationalists won while the Communists lost in 1939 .

Spanish State
Estado Español
Flag of Francoist Spain
Coat of arms (1945–1977) of Francoist Spain
Coat of arms
Motto: Una, Grande y Libre
("One, Great and Free")
Plus Ultra
("Further Beyond")
Anthem: Marcha Granadera
("Grenadier March")
Spanish State.png
Territories and colonies of the Spanish State:
  •   Spain, Ifni, Western Sahara and Guinea
  •   Protectorate in Morocco
  •   Tangier International Zone
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish
Roman Catholicism (official)
Demonym(s)Spanish, Spaniard
GovernmentPersonalist Dictatorship
Head of state 
• 1936–1975
Francisco Franco
Head of Government 
• 1938–1973
Francisco Franco
• 1973
Luis Carrero Blanco
• 1973–1975
Carlos Arias Navarro
LegislatureCortes Españolas
Historical eraWorld War II, Cold War
• Civil War
17 July 1936
1 April 1939
6 July 1947
14 December 1955
1 January 1967
20 November 1975
1940[1]796,030 km2 (307,350 sq mi)
• 1940[1]
CurrencySpanish peseta
Calling code+34
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nationalist faction
Second Spanish Republic
Spanish transition to democracy
Today part of Equatorial Guinea
Western Sahara