Frederick VI of Denmark

King of Denmark and Norway (1768-1839)

Frederick VI of Denmark was king of Denmark from 1808 to 1839 and king of Norway from 1808 to 1814, but he started ruling before 1808 because his father was ill.[1] He was one of Napoleon's allies. He passed laws that would later let Denmark have a parliament and he was firm in abolishing corruption in all levels of government. The places he ruled are now Denmark and Norway.[2][3]

Frederick VI
King of Denmark and Norway
Portrait by Friedrich Carl Gröger, 1808
Reign1808 – 1839
PredecessorChristian VII
SuccessorChristian VIII
Born(1768-01-28)28 January 1768
Frederiksborg Palace
Died3 December 1839(1839-12-03) (aged 71)
SpouseMarie-Sophie Frederikke
FatherChristian VII of Denmark
MotherCaroline Mathilde



Frederick was the son of Christian VII and Caroline Mathilde, who was from Great Britain.[2] He did not know either of his parents well. His father had mental health problems. Frederick was raised by his step-grandmother, Juliana Maria.[3]

In 1790, Frederick married Marie Sophie Frederikke. She was from Hesse-Kassel. They raised their daughters as if there were a middle-class family instead of raising them as princesses at a court. They did not have any surviving sons.[2]



In 1784, Frederick was given control of the government, even though he was still Crown Prince and not yet king. Frederick passed laws giving individual people more freedom. He passed laws making life easier for peasant farmers.[3]

In 1807, Frederick became allies with Napoleon Bonaparte. After Napoleon lost, Frederick had to sign the Treaty of Kiel. This treaty gave Norway to Sweden.[3]

In 1834, Frederick started four provincial assemblies. These groups of people would later become Denmark's Parliament.[3]


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