Hair clipper

machine razor

Hair clippers are tools used to cut hair very short and close to the scalp. Similar tools are used to cut wool from sheep.

Electric hair clippers

Hair clippers have two rows of small comb-like blades which move back and forth very fast. The clippers are moved so that the blades cut the hair as it passes through it.

History change

Old (non-electric) hair clippers

Manual clippers were invented between 1850 and 1890 by Nikola Bizumic, a Serbian barber, and the short hairstyles became popular amongst boys and men in school, prison, and the military.[1]

Leo J. Wahl invented the first electric hair clipper. He first designed a hand-held massager for his uncle, Dr. Frank Wahl. Frank Wahl opened a manufacturing plant in Sterling, Illinois to produce and sell Leo’s massager. Leo would sold massagers to barbers and noticed an opportunity to improve upon the tools barbers were using at the time.[2]

Use change

A buzz cut, a hairstyle where the hair is cut using clippers

Modern electric clippers often come with "guards". The guards can be attached to the blade to determine how short the hair will be cut. The largest guard is often a #8, which leaves the hair an inch long (25mm). The smallest guard is a #1, which cuts the hair to 3mm. When there is no guard, the clipper completely shaves the hair.

Clippers are often used for men's haircuts as well as cutting facial hair. A popular men's hairstyle is a buzz cut, in which the hair all over the head is shaved very short using clippers. Buzz cuts are often used in the military.[3][4] Many young boys and teenage boys are given buzz cuts as well because they are easy to take care of.

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