Hassan Nasrallah

Secretary-General of Hezbollah since 1992 (born 1960)

Hassan Nasrallah (in Arabic: حسن نصرالله; born 30 August 1960) is the leader of the Islamist party in Lebanon called Hezbollah. He is also a Shi'a Muslim cleric.[1] Some countries, like the United States and Britain, consider him to be a terrorist due to his attacks on Israel.[2]

His early lifeEdit

Hassan Nasrallah was born in Bourj Hammoud, east Beirut. He was among ten children in his family. He went to Al Najah school, and then a public school in Sin el-Fil, Beirut. The civil war in 1975 caused his family to move to their old home in Bassouriyeh. There, he finished his secondary education at the public school in Tyre. He then joined the Amal Movement, a militant group that represents the Shi'a Muslims in Lebanon.


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