Heinrich Schütz

German composer and organist (1585–1672)

Heinrich Schütz (born Köstritz, Saxony, 8 October 1585; died Dresden, Germany, 6 November 1672) was a German baroque composer. As a young man he travelled to Italy to learn the art of composition from the great Italian composers. He had lessons from Giovanni Gabrieli. When Gabrieli died in 1612 Schütz returned to Germany. He visited Italy a second time in 1628 to learn from the music of Claudio Monteverdi. He also visited Copenhagen. For much of his life he was a court composer at the Electoral Chapel in Dresden. Most of his work consists of choral works especially motets and madrigals. He was very good at writing counterpoint and his music has some very striking effects. His Christmas Oratorio is particularly famous.

Heinrich Schütz.