Hurricane Gilbert

Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in 1988

Hurricane Gilbert was a very powerful tropical cyclone which caused much damage to the Caribbean, Mexico and parts of South Texas in the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season. Before Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Hurricane Gilbert was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic in terms of Barometric pressure.

Hurricane Gilbert
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Forecast map
FormedSeptember 8, 1988
DissipatedSeptember 19, 1988
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 185 mph (295 km/h)
Lowest pressure888 mbar (hPa); 26.22 inHg
Fatalities341 direct
Damage$5.5 billion (1988 USD)
Areas affectedWindward Islands, Venezuela, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Central America, Yucatán Peninsula, northern Mexico, Texas, South Central United States
Part of the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season

This hurricane was similar to Hurricane Beulah and Hurricane Allen, but Hurricane Gilbert was unique in many ways. Gilbert killed 341 people and left $5.5 billion in damage.

Similar storms to Hurricane Gilbert


In addition to Beulah and Allen, Hurricanes Charlie (1951), Emily during 2005 and Dean in 2007 had tracks similar to Hurricane Gilbert. Emily and Dean were Category 5 hurricanes.



Because Gilbert left a powerful impact, the name Gilbert was retired. The name "Gordon" was used in 1994, 2000, and 2006.

Tropical cyclones of the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season

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