Hyderabad District

district of Sindh, Pakistan

Hyderābād District (Urdu: ضلع حیدر آباد), is a district of Sindh, Pakistan. It used to be an administrative division of Sindh (known as Hyderabad Division) until the year 2000 when divisions were abolished. The capital is the city of Hyderabad. The Kirthar National Park is in Hyderabad district. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan. It had a population of 4,339,445 of which 50.07% were urban,[1] making it the second-most urbanised district of Sindh.

Hyderabad District
Map of Sindh with Hyderabad District highlighted
Map of Sindh with Hyderabad District highlighted
Coordinates: 25°15′N 68°45′E / 25.250°N 68.750°E / 25.250; 68.750
 • AdministratorAftab Ahmed Khatri
 • Total5 Million
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Tehsils4

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