Ichinobe-no Oshiwa

Japanese prince

Ichinobe-no Oshiwa (磐坂市邊押磐, mid-5th century) was the eldest son of Japanese Emperor Richū;[1] and he was the father of sons who would become known as Emperor Kenzō[2] and Emperor Ninken.[3]

No firm dates can be assigned to the lives or reigns of this period, but the reign of Emperor Ankō is considered to have lasted from 456 to 479;[4] and Oshiwa died during Ankō's reign.

Traditional history


According to the Nihonshoki, Oshiwa was killed in a hunting accident by Emperor Yūryaku.[5] His sons were adopted as heirs by Emperor Seinei. They are known as Prince Woke (or Kenzō-tennō) and as Prince Oke (or Ninken-tennō).[1]


The chrysanthemum symbol of the Japanese emperor and his family.
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