Indo-Greek Kingdom

Hellenistic-era Greek kingdom in northwestern South Asia (200 BCE–10 CE)

The Indo-Greek Kingdom was a part of the Greek Empire.[1] It ruled in parts of northwest and northern Indian subcontinent (present-day Pakistan) from 180 BCE to around 10 CE, and was ruled by a succession of more than thirty Hellenic kings. At 400 AD - 500 AD, the remnants of Indo-Greeks was discriminated as foreigners by the beginning strong Hindu Caste system,[2] and called Chandala (casteless)-(Dalit), and they wandered at the time of Migration period to Europe. In the Byzantime Empire they was called Atsingani. Yet is suspected that the Roma people are the descendant of the Atsingani, because the Romani languagehave much Greek influence too.[3]

Indo-Greeks 100bc.jpg


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