Iodic acid

chemical compound

Iodic acid is a chemical compound. It is also an acid. Its chemical formula is HIO3. It contains hydrogen and iodate ions. The iodine is in its +5 oxidation state.



Iodic acid is a white solid that can dissolve in water to make an acidic solution. Chloric acid and bromic acid only exist in solution and break down when crystallized. Iodic acid is a strong oxidizing agent. It can be converted to iodine pentoxide when it is heated gently. If it is heated strongly, it decomposes into iodine, oxygen, and other iodine oxides.

It can form several things when it is reduced. If there is a lot of reducing agent, it is reduced to iodide. If there is a lot of iodic acid, it is reduced to iodine. If there is a lot of chloride, then it is reduced to iodine trichloride, a yellow liquid.



It can be made by electrolysis of an acidic iodide solution.

Iodic acid is used to make other iodates by reacting bases with iodic acid. It is also used as a strong acid.