Jürgen Möllemann

German politician (1945-2003)

Jürgen Wilhelm Möllemann (15 July 1945 – 5 June 2003) was a German politician of the Free Democratic Party.

Jürgen Möllemann

He served as Minister of State at the Foreign Office (1982–1987), as Federal Minister of Education and Research (1987–1991), as Federal Minister of Economics (1991–1993).

He served as Vice Chancellor of Germany (1992–1993) in the government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Möllemann was born in Augsburg, Germany.

He was accused of illegal arms deals and tax evasion. After his parliamentary immunity had been lifted, he (probably) committed suicide by not opening his reserve parachute after jumping off an airplane. He was aged 57.[1]


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