James Sisnett

Barbadian supercentenarian

James Emmanuel "Doc" Sisnett[3] (22 February 1900 – 23 May 2013) was a Barbadian farmer and supercentenarian. Sisnett was at the time of his death the oldest Barbadian person ever as well as the oldest male British subject ever at the time of his death, surpassing Englishman Henry Allingham.[4]

James Sisnett
James Emmanuel Sisnett

(1900-02-22)22 February 1900[1]
Died(2013-05-23)23 May 2013
(aged 113 years, 90 days)[2]
Christ Church, Barbados
Known forOldest verified Barbadian ever

Sisnett was born on 22 February 1900 in Saint George parish, Barbados (at that time British West Indies).[5] His siblings lived up to be 98, 99, and 100. In 1923, Sisnett married Anita Dowling, having 5 children until Anita's death in 1937. Sisnett later married Josephine Evelyn in 1942, with whom he had 6 children, and 9 of his 11 children were living at the time of his death. He worked as a farmer until age 100 in 2000 when he retired. Due to poor eyesight, in 2006 aged 106, Sisnett had an operation to remove his cataracts. Sisnett died at age 113 years, 90 days from natural causes in his home in Christ Church, Barbados on 23 May 2013 while sleeping.[6]

At the time of his death, Sisnett was the oldest living man in North America since Walter Breuning's death on 14 April 2011 and, since Japaneseman Tanekichi Onishi, died on 11 September 2011, the world's second oldest living man behind Japaneseman Jiroemon Kimura. Sisnett and Kimura were the last living men born in the 19th century.


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