Japanese people

East Asian ethnic group native to Japan

Japanese people are a ethnic group and nation native to Japan. They are ethnically closely akin to other peoples of eastern Asia.[3]

Japanese people
Japanese: 日本人
Regions with significant populations
 United States1,469,637
 Australia94,942[8] (2022)note
 Mexico86,143[9] (2022)
 Thailand78,431[8] (2022)note
 Argentina76,440[10] (2020)
 United Kingdom65,022[8] (2022)note
 Germany42,266[8] (2022)note
 South Korea41,717[8] (2022)note
 France36,104[8] (2022)note
 Singapore32,743[8] (2022)note
 Hong Kong27,429 (2015)[1] (0.3% of Hong Kong's population)
 Malaysia24,545[8] (2022)note
 Vietnam21,819[8] (2022)note
 Taiwan20,345[8] (2022)note
 Micronesia20,000[11][better source needed] (2018)
 Indonesia19,612 Recorded From 38,135+ (2019) [1]
 PhilippinesJapanese nationals

16,894 (Oct. 2019)[1] People of Japanese descent

120,000[2][3][4][5] (2006)
 New Zealand18,141[1]
 Netherlands9,363 (2022)[1]
 India8,145 (October 2022)[1][2][3]
 Spain8,080 (October 2015)[1]
 United Arab Emirates4,000
 South Africa3,059
   Nepal1,107 (2016)[1]
 Sri Lanka678 (2022)[1][2]
Shinto, Buddhism

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