John Harvey Kellogg

American physician (1852–1943)

John Harvey Kellogg (February 26, 1852 – December 14, 1943) was an American medical doctor. He and his brother, Will Keith Kellogg, invented corn flakes.

Kellogg in c. 1910

Kellogg was born on February 26, 1852 in Battle Creek, Michigan. He studied at New York University. Kellogg was married to Ella Ervilla Eaton from 1879 until her death in 1920. They adopted seven children. Kellogg died on December 14, 1943 in Battle Creek, Michigan from an illness, aged 91.[1]


  1. "J. H. Kellogg Dies; Health Expert, 91". New York Times. December 16, 1943. Retrieved 2007-10-31. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, surgeon, health authority, developer of the Battle Creek Sanitarium and founder of the food business which later became the W. K. Kellogg Company, died here last night at the age of 91, nine years short of the century goal which he had set for himself.

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