Julia Morgan

American architect and engineer

Julia Morgan was an American architect and engineer. Julia Hunt Morgan was born on January 26th, 1872 to Charles Bill Morgan and Eliza Morgan In San Francisco. She died on February 2nd, 1957. She was one of five kids and grew up in Oakland. Eventually, she would become an awe-inspiring and under appreciated female architect and the first woman to receive an architect’s license in the state of California.

Early LifeEdit

Starting in high school, Morgan expressed a big interest in architecture. She became the first woman to attend an architectural school in Paris and was also the first woman to graduate from there. When she moved back to California, she received her official architect’s license.[1]

Project on the Hearst CastleEdit

Morgan was most famous for her project on Sam Simeon, San Francisco for the Hearst family in 1919. The project included designing and building a pan-European styled castle, which was later to be known as the Hearst Castle. It was made of fragments of architecture from Italy and Spain. This project lasted for 25 years. Morgan’s architectural team also designed many houses, churches, cottages, schools, and many other types of buildings. Her biggest goal was always to satisfy her clients and “design buildings from the inside out.”[1] She did so in styles anywhere from Byzantine, Italianate, Craftsman, Gothic, Romanesque, etc.[1]


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