town in the region of Uusimaa in Finland

Kauniainen (Swedish: Grankulla) is a city in Uusimaa, Finland. It is part of the Greater Helsinki area. Kauniainen has an area 6.0 km² and is fully located within Espoo.

The Kauniainen railway station. In 2008, the station building was damaged in a fire.
Coat of arms

Kauniainen has the lowest local taxation rate in Finland (16,5 %). A lot of rich people live there.

Kauniainen was officially founded in 1920. It became a city in 1972. There are about 8,550 people living in Kauniainen. Most of them (57 %) speak Finnish as their first language. 39 % have Swedish as their mother tongue.

Kauniainen has very good bus and train connections. There is a railway station. Many buses drive through Kauniainen.

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