Kia Forte

compact car made by Kia Motors

The Kia Forte is a small automobile that is built by Kia Motors. The Kia Forte has had two generations, the newest one in 2014. In some places like Costa Rica, Australia and Brazil, the Forte is known as the Kia Cerato, which replaces its former automobile of the same name. The automobile is known as the Kia Cerato Forte in Colombia and Singapore[1] and is known as the Naza Forte in Naza of Malaysia where it has been assembled since 2009.[2]

Kia Forte
ManufacturerKia Motors
Also calledKia Cerato
Kia K3 (KDM)
Kia Cerato Forte (Colombia & Singapore)
Kia Shuma (China)
Naza Forte (Malaysia)
Body and chassis
ClassCompact Car
Body style2-door coupe
4-door sedan
5-door hatchback
PredecessorKia Cerato
Kia Spectra

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