Kidron Valley necropolis

Kidron Valley necropolis (also called Silwan necropolis) is a row of ancient Jewish burial caves in the Kidron Valley. The valley is between the City of David and the north-west slope of the Mount of Olives.[1] The ancient caves face towards the City of David to the west under the houses of the Arab neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem. The row of ancient burial sites ends at the Tomb of Pharaoh's daughter monument.[2] It is not a burial cave, but also the continuing of the Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery from south beside the Arab neighborhoods.

Kidron Valley necropolis under the Arab neighborhood of Silwan


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Coordinates: 31°46′24.03″N 35°14′12.55″E / 31.7733417°N 35.2368194°E / 31.7733417; 35.2368194