Kumbia Kings

Mexican-American cumbia group from Corpus Christi, Texas

Kumbia Kings (or Los Kumbia Kings) are a reggaeton band formed by A.B. Quintanilla III in 1999. They won several Latin Grammy Awards for their albums. In 2007, Quintanilla III formed a new band called Kumbia All Starz because of conflicts from other band members. Frankie J became a successful R&B singer after he left to become a solo artist. Selena's widower Chris Perez joined both of the bands but left in 2010 to start his own band with Joe Ojeda, originally a keyboardist from Selena y Los Dinos.

Kumbia Kings
OriginCorpus Christi, Texas, United States
GenresCumbia, reggae, Latin pop, hip hop, R&B
Years active1999–2006, 2009–2010
Kumbia All Starz (2006–present)
Los Super Reyes (2007–present)

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