Kyle Broflovski

fictional character in South Park

Kyle Broflovski (sometimes called Brovlofski or Broflofski) is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. He is voiced by and influenced by Matt Stone, one of the people who made the show. Kyle is one of the four main characters. The other three main characters are Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman. He is friends with Stan and Kenny. They are all in fourth grade. They all hang out with Eric Cartman. They do not like him because he can be mean and offensive. Kyle usually acts as the protagonist to Cartman's antagonist. Because Kyle is one of the few Jewish children on the show, he sometimes feels like an outcast between the main group of characters.

Kyle Broflovski
South Park character
Gender Male
Hair color Red or Auburn
Religion Jewish
Job Student
First appearance "The Spirit Of Christmas"
Voice actor Matt Stone


A simplified representation of Kyle Broflovski.

Keeping with the animation style of South Park, Kyle is created from simple geometrical shapes. He is not given the same free range of motion like characters that are drawn by hand. In one of the earliest episodes, he was created out of construction paper cutouts and animated with the use of stop motion. Kyle is now animated with computer software. He is shown to give the sense that the show still uses the original animation technique.[1]

Kyle wears a bright green cap with ear flaps (shapka or bomber-hat), a bright orange jacket, dark green pants, and lime-green mittens or gloves. When he is not seen wearing his cap (which does not happen very often), he is shown to have a bright red-to-auburn Jewfro. He does not like this hairstyle.



Kyle lives with his family in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado. He has an adopted brother named Ike. Ike is from Canada. Both Kyle and Ike are Jewish. Kyle is one of the smartest students in the fourth grade class at his elementary school.[2][3] Cartman usually makes fun of Kyle because he is Jewish.[4][5]



Kyle's father, Gerald is a caring parent to Kyle who usually tries to teach him important morals and ethics. His mother, Sheila is a very overprotective and has a knack for fequently protesting in things that opposes or comes across her ideas or beliefs. Even though her personality sometimes bothers Kyle, he is known to have still loved her and would come to here defense when Cartman would make fun of Kyle's mom. Sheila is based on the stereotype about Jewish mothers. Kyle usually has a good relationship with his parents, although he sometimes would rebel against them.

Kyle also has one brother, Ike. Ike is his younger brother who was adopted from Canada. In the earlier episodes of the series, Kyle sometimes played a game he called "kick the baby", where he would punt Ike into the air. Kyle is shown to be caring for Ike and tries to protect him several times. In addition to his regular family, Kyle has a cousin who shares the same name with him. However, Kyle did not seem to like his cousin and tried to send him away several times.


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