cultural region traditionally inhabited by the Sami people
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Sápmi (as its name is in Northern Sámi language), in English commonly known as Lapland (/ˈlæplənd/), is the most northern part of Fennoscandia. Fennoscandia is a peninsula in northern Europe.

The area of Sápmi is shared between four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. In Norway, as far south as Hedmark county, there are areas with many Sámi people.[1]

The original people of Sápmi are the Sámi. They are now a minority there. The Sámi people are sometimes called Lapps, but this word has a negative association and is something most Sámi dislike being called.

The weather of Sápmi is cold. Summer is short. There are big hills with no trees on top of them. Reindeer live in Sápmi. You can see northern lights in the sky.