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Hindu goddess of wealth, love, prosperity
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Lakshmi is the goddess of money, wisdom and good luck in Hinduism. She is the wife of the Hindu god Vishnu. Most Hindus pray to her on Diwali, which is a festival in India.

Goddess of Fortune, Wealth, & Prosperity[1]
Member of Tridevi
Goddess of Wealth and Fortune
Raja Ravi Varma's Gaja Lakshmi
Other namesSri Devi[1], padmā, kamalā,Kamalakshi, Vishnupriyā
AffiliationDevi, Tridevi, Ashta Lakshmi, Mahalakshmi
Mantraॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमो नम: ।

ॐ विष्णुप्रियायै नमो नम: । ॐ धनप्रदायै नमो नम : ।

ॐ विश्वजनन्यै नमो नम: ।
SymbolsLotus and gold
MountOwl,Elephant and Garuda
FestivalsNavratri, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Varalakshmi Vratam/Mahalakshmi Vrata
Personal information

Lakshmi has four arms, fair skin and sits on a lotus flower and is normally surrounded by elephants. She is covered in jewellery.

She also has several avatars (means a god coming to the earth in the form of a human being or in any other form) who are usually married to Vishnu's avatars:

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  • Hindu Goddesses: Vision of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Traditions (ISBN 81-208-0379-5) by David Kinsley
  • Lakshmi Puja and Thousand Names (ISBN 1-887472-84-3) by Swami Satyananda Saraswati


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