Learning disability

range of neurodevelopmental conditions

Learning disabilities, also called learning difficulties, are conditions that make it difficult to learn and understand things in the same way others do. Some people with learning difficulties also find it hard to fit in with other people because there are many things that people must know to live in society that are not easy to learn.[1]

People at an event, rallying for people with learning disabilities.

Learning difficulties can be things that people can learn to live with on their own, like dyslexia (a difficulty with reading) and dysgraphia (a difficulty with writing). They can also be big things that mean a person needs more help (like autism). People with learning disabilities may have average intelligence. Learning disabilities are not the same as mental illnesses.[2] They may be able to deal with their difficulties by doing things in different ways.[3]

  • There are many conditions or situations which make it difficult for a person to learn, but they are not all called "learning difficulties". Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not a learning disability, but it may affect how a person learns. Another example is deafness or blindness.

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