Left anarchism

Left anarchism or left-wing anarchism deals with left-wing forms of anarchism. It wants a future society that replaces private property with reciprocity. In this society, no one owns things. People do not work for money to buy things. They do their work because it is the best for society and the things they need are given to them without cost. It wants a society where there is no one in charge. Each person does what they need to without others to lead them.[1][2] The term left anarchism is sometimes used with the same meaning as libertarian socialism,[3] left libertarianism, or socialist anarchism.[4] Left-wing anarchists have been a part of anti-globalization protests. For example, the protest in 1999 against the World Trade Organization in Seattle.[5]

Ulrike Heider, a syndicalist, categorizes anarchism into left anarchism, right anarchism (anarcho-capitalism), and green anarchism.[6] People who study anarchists, including Bryan Caplan and Murray Bookchin, do not agree with him. They feel his research is of bad quality.[7][8] Left-wing anarchism is distinguished from free-market anarchism[9] and right-wing anarchism (such as that of Murray Rothbard).[10]


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