List of Afghan players playing in Eurasian clubs

List of Afghan players for working in the Eurasian clubs.

Ahmad HatifiEdit

When go to Persija Jakarta,he thought to want go to Jakarta but he never because the Ahmad Hatifi's brother want say he want to go to Gremio.

Balal ArezouEdit

He thought in Madrid when Balal Arezou annexed to Real Madrid because at career it was selected to go to a club named Liverpool,but he never because the Hamidullah Nesar Ahmed's son named Zohib Islam Amiri is taught to play again at Sabah.

Djelaludin SharityarEdit

It was canceled by the match Liverpool and Real Madrid,because he want to playing at Gremio. So,Djelaludin Sharityar not played again at Real Madrid.

Hashmatullah BarakzaiEdit

Hashmatullah Barakzai was the son named Hashmatullah Mohammad Jan moved to Bahrain,because he taught to go to Manama Club. So,Hashmatullah Mohammad Jan can't played again at the former club named Gremio.

Hamidullah Nesar AhmedEdit

Hamidullah Nesar Ahmed is only 5 years to join Liverpool for an early career from 2007 until 2008,on 2008 to 2010 played at Gremio. In 2017,he played to Real Madrid and in 2011,he played at Barcelona

Masih SaighaniEdit

Played at Altyn Asyr FC,he annexed to the Crimea national football team and no one responsibility to play at Crimea national football team.

Mujtaba FaizEdit

Since 2012,he played at the Persela Lamongan,a Indonesian club,and he taught in Lamongan. He played for Afghanistan national football team for 2012 until 2017,and annexed to Morocco national football team.

Sandjar AhmadiEdit

He played at Chelsea,after a career. He played at Chelsea is are incumbented,and the Sandjar Ahmadi is now played at Chelsea.

Ismail AseelEdit

He played formerly is in Afghanistan national football team,now he played at Pakistan national football team because he leaves by the Afghanistan's coach due to he are be annexed to Pakistan.

Maruf FazlyEdit

Maruf Fazly,the son is Maruf Bey. He is 24 years old and Maruf Bey is 17 years old. He played for Tottenham Hotspur while for Maruf Bey doesn't have a national club,but he played at the same club named Tottenham Hotspur but for the U-17 variant.

Faysal ShayestehEdit

Faysal Shayesteh played in FC Anzhi Makhachkala,but he never.

Zohib Islam AmiriEdit

Zohib Islam Amiri is the best player in Afghanistan an the now is unattached club for Zohib Islam Amiri