List of political parties in the United Kingdom

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This is a list of political parties in the United Kingdom.

Parties in England change


The most significant political parties in England:

Parties in Scotland change


There are two types of parties in Scotland; pro-independence parties and British unionist parties. Pro-independence parties want to create an independent Scotland, outside of the United Kingdom and British unionists want to keep Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. Parties represented in the Scottish Parliament and/or in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom are:

Pro-Scottish independence parties change

Pro-union parties change

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Parties in Wales change


Parties represented in the Welsh Assembly are:

Parties in Northern Ireland change

There are two main types of political parties in Northern Ireland; Republicans and Unionists. Republicans want Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and join with the Republic of Ireland. Unionists want to keep Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom and there are parties who are open-minded about the issue. Parties represented in the Northern Ireland Assembly are:

Minor political parties in the United Kingdom change