Lu Xun

Chinese novelist and essayist (1881–1936)

Lu Xun (simplified Chinese: 鲁迅; traditional Chinese: 魯迅), (September 25, 1881 – October 19, 1936), was a Chinese writer. His real name is Zhou Shuren (周树人), as Lu Xun is his pen name. He was born in Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province. He had a lot of works, for example, "The True Story of Ah Q", " Medicine", and so on.

Lu Xun
Born(1881-09-25)25 September 1881
Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Died19 October 1936(1936-10-19) (aged 55)
Shanghai, China
Pen nameLu Xun
Occupationwriter, critic, essayist

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese魯迅
Simplified Chinese鲁迅
Personal name
Traditional Chinese周樹人
Simplified Chinese周树人

Lu Xun Park in Shanghai has a museum about his life and his tomb.

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