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motorway in the West Midlands Region, England
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The M6 Toll, also called the Birmingham North Relief Road (BNRR) or Midland Expressway, is a toll motorway in the Midlands. It is used as a way to avoid the traffic on the M6 motorway by Birmingham. It goes from the M6 at Coleshill to the M6 at Wolverhampton. It is a toll road, so drivers have to pay to use it.[1]

M6 Toll shield
M6 Toll
Midland Expressway
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Looking south near Hammerwich
Route information
Part of E05
Maintained by Midland Expressway Ltd.[a]
Length27 mi (43 km)
HistoryOpened and Completed: 2003
Major junctions
Southeast endColeshill
Major intersections
M6 motorway

M42 motorway

M42 motorway

M6 motorway
Northwest endCannock
CountryUnited Kingdom
CountiesWarwickshire, West Midlands, Staffordshire
Road network

It first opened in 2003, and many people do not think it has been a good idea. It was built to lower the amount of traffic on the M6 between Coleshill and Wolverhampton, which is the busiest part. Many people have noted that the traffic has not gone down since it opened. Many people say it is because the road is too expensive to use and many drivers do not want to pay the fee.[2]

Junctions change

M6 Toll motorway
Junction Coordinates Northbound exits Tolls Southbound exits Tolls
M6 J11A 52°40′06″N 2°04′18″W / 52.6682°N 2.0716°W / 52.6682; -2.0716 (M6 J11A) Motorway continues as M6 towards Stafford None Start of motorway None
T8 52°39′54″N 2°03′26″W / 52.6649°N 2.0572°W / 52.6649; -2.0572 (T8 Wedges Mills) (M6 South), Wolverhampton A460 None No access (on-slip only) None
T7 52°40′21″N 2°00′55″W / 52.6725°N 2.0154°W / 52.6725; -2.0154 (T7 Churchbridge) Walsall, Cannock A34, Rugeley A460 None No access (on-slip only) None
52°40′04″N 2°00′01″W / 52.6677°N 2.0003°W / 52.6677; -2.0003 (Great Wyrley Toll Plaza) Toll plaza
52°39′45″N 1°58′09″W / 52.6626°N 1.9693°W / 52.6626; -1.9693 (Norton Canes services) Norton Canes services
T6 52°39′44″N 1°55′34″W / 52.6621°N 1.926°W / 52.6621; -1.926 (T6 Brownhills) Brownhills, Burntwood A5195 Exit Brownhills, Burntwood A5195 Exit
T5 52°38′52″N 1°50′05″W / 52.6478°N 1.8348°W / 52.6478; -1.8348 (T5 Wall) No access (on-slip only) None Lichfield A5148, Burton A38 Exit
T4 52°38′18″N 1°48′40″W / 52.6384°N 1.8111°W / 52.6384; -1.8111 (T4 Weeford Junction) Burton, Lichfield A38, Tamworth A5 Exit Tamworth, (M42 North) A5 Exit
52°37′24″N 1°48′03″W / 52.6232°N 1.8007°W / 52.6232; -1.8007 (Weeford Park Toll Plaza) Toll plaza
T3 52°34′47″N 1°46′40″W / 52.57966°N 1.77773°W / 52.57966; -1.77773 (T3 Langley Mill (north)) No access Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield A38
52°33′57″N 1°45′55″W / 52.5658°N 1.7654°W / 52.5658; -1.7654 (T3 Langley Mill (south)) Sutton Coldfield A38 Exit No access (on-slip only) Entry
T2 52°33′06″N 1°44′12″W / 52.5516°N 1.7368°W / 52.5516; -1.7368 (T2) No entry or exit None A446 (M42 north) – Coleshill None
T1 52°31′45″N 1°43′47″W / 52.5293°N 1.7296°W / 52.5293; -1.7296 (T1) Split for M42 northbound, entry from A4097 (M42 J9, A446) None Merge with M42 southbound None
M42 J8 52°30′33″N 1°43′32″W / 52.5091°N 1.7255°W / 52.5091; -1.7255 (M42 J8) Merge from M6 J4a southbound None No entry or exit None
M42 J7A 52°28′53″N 1°42′37″W / 52.4815°N 1.7103°W / 52.4815; -1.7103 (M42 J7A) Merge from M42 northbound None Split for M42 southbound None
M6 J3A 52°28′26″N 1°40′18″W / 52.4739°N 1.6717°W / 52.4739; -1.6717 (M6 J3A) Begins from M6 northbound None Merge with M6 southbound None

The southernmost section of the M6 Toll, south of Junction T1, is shared by traffic using the M42. Vehicles using only this five-mile section do not have to pay a toll.

Notes change

  1. Under concession from the Department for Transport until 2053, on which date the motorway will be returned to the government.

References change

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