MacDonnell Shire

local government area in the Northern Territory, Australia

The MacDonnell Shire is a local government area of the Northern Territory, Australia. It was created on 1 July 2008 as part of the restructuring of the Territory's local government areas. It was created by merging over a dozen smaller community council areas and a large zone of unincorporated area. The most recent elections for the shire council were in March 2012. The current President of the MacDonnell Shire is Sid Anderson.

MacDonnell Regional Council
Northern Territory
Population6,029 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density0.0224306/km2 (0.058095/sq mi)
Area268,784.20 km2 (103,778.2 sq mi)
MayorSid Anderson
Council seatAlice Springs (not part of council)
RegionAlice Springs Region
Territory electorate(s)Namatjira, Stuart
Federal division(s)Lingiari
WebsiteMacDonnell Regional Council
LGAs around MacDonnell Regional Council:
Halls Creek Central Desert Boulia
Halls Creek MacDonnell Regional Council Diamantina
East Pilbara unincorporated area unincorporated area

The shire has an area of over 268,784 square kilometres. It covers the south of the Territory, bordering with South Australia. Alice Springs and Yulara are enclaves within the shire (they are not part of it, but are surrounded by it).

There were about 7,142 people living there in 2009.[2]

Wards and towns


The MacDonnell Shire Council is divided into four wards. There are 12 council members. Below each ward is listed the towns that fall within those wards.[3] Population figures are as they were recorded on 30 June 2007.[4]

  1. Rodinga (4 councillors)
  2. Ljirapinta (3 councillors)
  3. Luritja Pintubi (3 councillors)
  4. Iyarrka (2 councillors)


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