Mahe district

district of Puducherry, India

Mahe district is one of the four districts of Puducherry Union Territory. Mahe is the smallest district in India by size and sixth district in India with least population.

Puducherry Map.svg

Mahe is surrounded on three sides by Kannur district and a side by Kozhikode district, as it is located in Kerala state. Puducherry union territory consists of four unconnected districts.[1][2]


Mahe district has a very small area of just 8.69 sq.kms. The total population of the district is 41,934, roughly equal to Liechtenstein. The literacy rate of the district is 98.35%. The population density of Mahe district is 4659 inhabitants/1 square km and 12070 inhabitants/1 square miles.[3]


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