Mark Zuckerberg

American internet entrepreneur
Mark Zuckerberg in April 2018

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is a former Harvard University student who created Facebook when he was still studying computer science.[1] The founding of Facebook made Zuckerberg a billionaire, one of the youngest and richest billionaires of all time according to Forbes.

Besides computer programming, Zuckerberg is also interested in foreign languages, especially Mandarin Chinese. Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York but now he lives in California.

His founding of Facebook was portrayed in the movie The Social Network starring actor Jesse Eisenberg in the leading role. In 2010, he said that he was going to give most of his money to charity.

In 2010, he was also named Time's Person of the Year. He was raised Jewish, but is now an atheist.[2] In a public Facebook post, Zuckerberg launched the project in late August 2013.

He is married to Priscilla Chan.[3]



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