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Mass Gathering Medicine is a field of medicine which deals with health effects/risks of mass gatherings,[1][2][3] that generate a higher incidence of injury and illness, may be the subject to a catastrophic accident or attack with large numbers of injured or dead persons.[4][5]

Such factors as the weather, duration of the event, movement of the crowd, containment of the event (fenced/contained or not), availability of alcohol/drugs, the density of the crowd et al., possibility for spreading of communicable diseases all influence the health care at mass gatherings.[6][7]

Purposes of Mass Gathering Medical Services at an event[8] are: rapid access to the injured or ill patients, effective stabilizing and transporting injured or ill patients, on-site care for minor injuries and illnesses. Mass gathering medicine support requires planning.[9]

The World Health Organization supports Member States hosting mass gatherings.[10]

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