Miserable Faith

Miserable Faith is one of the most influential premier rock bands in China, who has released eight albums and EPs since 1999. They are widely celebrated for performing at hundreds of domestic and overseas live shows at various music festivals and live houses. As one of the rare rock powers that has always maintained a vigorous innovative vibe and finally achieved transformation, they have always been staying at the front line of Chinese rock world.  

2001 - Released the debut album This is a Problem, which was nominated as Top Ten Best Records of 2001

2006 - Initiated a China highway tour with a trip of 33,000 kilometers and 51 gigs.

2007 – Performed soundtrack for the drama "Grand General Kou Liulan"

2008 – Released the second album Don’t Stop My Music, the band went on to explore more melodic and alternative rock approaches to music

2014 – Released the third album May Love be Without Worries, where a new era started

2016 – Released The Youngster and launched the Tour for 100 Cities to promote live gig cultures.

2018- Officially established MF studio, released Miserable Faith UK Live which recorded their 2017 live shows in London and Liverpool, collaborated with Premier League football team Wolverhampton Wanderers with a Chinese themed song Wolves Ay We

2019- Released their first instrumental album the Crossing, which has once again broken the boundaries of rock and roll to a more diversified music genre. In the same year, they wrote and adapted songs for the movie The Whistler and Chinese Women's Volleyball Team as film promotion songs.

During the past 20 years, Miserable Faith has navigated their way through several music styles and has gradually become the voice of the young Chinese generation. Miserable Faith has brought indie music to various stages despite the venue limitations such as livehouses, theaters, and stadium. At the same time, they have been the headliners for hundreds of music festivals, which has collected a huge group of fans covering different ages and identity attributes.

Regardless of the limitation of concepts and genres, Miserable Faith has committed to get rid of the old stereotype and achieved their stunning transformation. They keep learning, experiencing and exploring to a wider world of freedom. This road rock band that is not self-sufficient, has become more mature, both in terms of works and conditions, will continue to glow.