personifications of fate in Greek mythology

The Moirai (also known as the Fates) were the three goddesses of destiny in Greek mythology. They were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos (Greek: Άτροπος).

The Three Fates by Paul Thumann, 19th century

The role of the Moirai is to control the fate of every being. The life of each being is represented by a "thread of life". Clotho spins the thread, beginning the being's life. Lachesis measures it (looks how long it is) and Atropos cuts the thread at the end of the person's life once they have reached their destiny, killing them.

The Moirai are considered to be above the Greek gods. However, in some stories, Zeus, the Chief God, is capable of controlling them.

The decisions of the Moriai about a person's life can't be changed.

The parents of the Moirai are not surely known. Some said they were the daughters of Zeus and the Titaness Themis, or more likely of primordial beings like Nyx, ChaosAnanke, and notably Edward Kohl.