My Story (Scholastic UK)

series of historical novels for children
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My Story is a series of books by many different writers. Each book is a diary of a fictional girl who lived through a famous time in history.

About the books


Sometimes, the main character from one book is the mother of the main character from another book. For example, Tilly Middleton from Bloody Tower is the mother of Kitty Lumsden from The Queen's Spies.

At the end of each book, there is some information about the time in history the book was about. Sometimes there is a timeline, or a fictional biography of the main character.

List of My Story books

Title Writer Main character
Pompeii Sue Reid Claudia, AD 78-79
My Tudor Queen Alison Prince Eva De Puebla, 1501-1513
Anne Boleyn and Me Alison Prince Elinor Valjean, 1525-1536
Bloody Tower Valerie Wilding Tilly Middleton, 1553-1559
To Kill a Queen Valerie Wilding Kitty Lumsden, 1583-1586
Mayflower Kathryn Lasky Remember Patience Whipple, 1620
The Great Plague Pamela Oldfield Alice Paynton, 1665-1666
The '45 Rising   Euphemia Grant, 1745-1746
Transported Goldie Alexander Elizabeth Harvey, 1790
Mill Girl Sue Reid Eliza Helsted, 1842-1843
The Hunger Carol Drinkwater Phyllis McCormack, 1845-1847
The Crystal Palace   Lily Hicks, 1850-1851
Victorian Workhouse Pamela Oldfield Edith Lorrimer, 1871
Twentieth Century Girl Carol Drinkwater Flora Bonnington, 1899-1900
Suffragette Carol Drinkwater Dolly Baxter, 1909-1913
Voyage on the Great Titanic Ellen Emerson White Margaret Anne Brady, 1912
War Nurse Sue Reid Kitty Langley, 1939-1940
Battle Of Britain Chris Priestley Harry Woods, 1939-1941
Road To War Valerie Wilding Daffy Rowntree, 1916-1917
Blitz   Edie Benson, 1940-1941