Nagoya Grampus

Japanese football club

Nagoya Grampus (名古屋グランパス, Nagoya Guranpasu), formerly known as Nagoya Grampus Eight, is a Japanese professional football club[3] in Nagoya.[4]

Nagoya Grampus Eight
Full nameNagoya Grampus Eight
GroundMizuho Athletic Stadium,
Toyota Soccer Stadium
ChairmanToyo Kato
ManagerTakafumi Ogura[1][2]
LeagueJ1 League
2009J1 League, 9th

History change

The club was founded in 1938.[4]

  • 1939-1992 Toyota Motors SC
  • 1992-2007 Nagoya Grampus Eight
  • 2008-present Nagoya Grampus

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The team has some notable achievements.

In 2010, Keiji Tamada made three goals in one game against Shimizu S-Pulse.[5]

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