Nelu Ploieșteanu

Romanian musician (1950–2021)

Ion Dumitrache (16 December 1950 – 2 April 2021), artistically and commonly known as Nelu Ploieșteanu, was a Romanian lăutar, singer and fiddler of lăutărească music. He was born on 16 December 1950 in Ciorani, in the Prahova Region [ro] (now in the Prahova County), in Romania. Already at age 6, he played the accordion,[1][2] and at age 17, he played music for money for the first time on a piano at a wedding.[2] He moved to Bucharest in 1970[1] and worked for 6 months at the Ion Vasilescu Magazine Theater.[2]

Nelu Ploieșteanu
Ion Dumitrache

(1950-12-16)16 December 1950
Died2 April 2021(2021-04-02) (aged 70)
OccupationLăutar, fiddler and singer

Nelu Ploieșteanu sang publicly for the last time on 8 March 2021, in Slănic. After this, he was hospitalized at the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest after being diagnosed with COVID-19[3] and died there on 2 April.[1][2] His family claimed that the hospital had mistreated Dumitrache and left him "like a dog", saying they intended to sue the hospital.[3]

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