subclass of fishes

Neopterygii is a group of fish. Neopterygii means "new fins".

Temporal range: Late Permian – Recent
Gar fish
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
(unranked): Actinopteri
Subclass: Neopterygii

See text for orders.

There are only few changes during their evolution from the earlier actinopterygians. They appeared somewhere in the Late Permian, before the time of the dinosaurs. The Neopterygii is a very successful group of fishes, because they can move more rapidly than their ancestors. Their scales and skeletons began to lighten during their evolution, and their jaws became more powerful and efficient.

The following diagram explains their relationship to the teleosts. Almost all modern fish are teleosts.

Evolution and diversity


Ginglymodi (gars and their fossil relatives)  

Halecomorphi (bowfin and its fossil relatives)  



  • Order †Pholidopleuriformes
  • Order †Redfieldiiformes
  • Order †Platysiagiformes
  • Order †Polzbergiiformes
  • Order †Perleidiformes
  • Order †Louwoichthyiformes
  • Order †Peltopleuriformes
  • Order †Luganoiiformes
  • Order †Pycnodontiformes
  • Infraclass Holostei
    • Clade Halecomorphi
      • Order †Parasemionotiformes
      • Order †Panxianichthyiformes
      • Order †Ionoscopiformes
      • Order Amiiformes, the bowfin
    • Clade Ginglymodi
  • Clade Teleosteomorpha
  • Infraclass Teleostei
    • Order †?Araripichthyiformes
    • Order †?Ligulelliiformes
    • Order †?Tselfatiiformes
    • Order †Pholidophoriformes
    • Order †Dorsetichthyiformes
    • Order †Leptolepidiformes
    • Order †Crossognathiformes
    • Order †Ichthyodectiformes
    • Superorder Osteoglossomorpha
      • Order †Lycopteriformes
      • Order Osteoglossiformes, the bony-tongued fishes
      • Order Hiodontiformes, including the mooneye and goldeye
    • Superorder Elopomorpha
      • Order Elopiformes, including the ladyfishes and tarpon
      • Order Albuliformes, the bonefishes
      • Order Notacanthiformes, including the halosaurs and spiny eels
      • Order Anguilliformes, the true eels
      • Order Saccopharyngiformes, including the gulper eel
    • Superorder Clupeomorpha
      • Order †Ellimmichthyiformes
      • Order Clupeiformes, including herrings and anchovies
    • Superorder Ostariophysi
      • Order †Sorbininardiformes
      • Order Gonorynchiformes, including the milkfishes
      • Order Cypriniformes, including barbs, carp, danios, goldfishes, loaches, minnows, rasboras
      • Order Characiformes, including characins, pencilfishes, hatchetfishes, piranhas, tetras.
      • Order Gymnotiformes, including electric eels and knifefishes
      • Order Siluriformes, the catfishes
    • Superorder Lepidogalaxii
      • Order Lepidogalaxiiformes, the salamanderfish
    • Superorder Protacanthopterygii
      • Order Argentiniformes, including the barreleyes and slickheads (formerly in Osmeriformes)
      • Order Salmoniformes, including salmon, Arctic char, and trout
      • Order Esociformes, the pikes and mudminnows
      • Order Galaxiiformes, the galaxiids
      • Order Osmeriformes, including the smelts
    • Superorder Stenopterygii (may belong in Protacanthopterygii)
      • Order Ateleopodiformes, the jellynose fish
      • Order Stomiiformes, including the bristlemouths and marine hatchetfishes
    • Superorder Cyclosquamata (may belong in Protacanthopterygii)
      • Order Aulopiformes, including the Bombay duck, tripod fish, and lancetfishes
    • Superorder Scopelomorpha
      • Order Myctophiformes, including the lanternfishes
    • Superorder Lampridiomorpha
      • Order Lampriformes, including the oarfish, opah and ribbonfishes
    • Superorder Polymyxiomorpha
      • Order †Pattersonichthyiformes
      • Order †Ctenothrissiformes
      • Order Polymixiiformes, the beardfishes
    • Superorder Paracanthopterygii
      • Order Percopsiformes, including the cavefishes and trout-perches
      • Order †Sphenocephaliformes
      • Order Batrachoidiformes, the toadfishes
      • Order Lophiiformes, including the anglerfishes
      • Order Gadiformes, including cods
      • Order Ophidiiformes, including the pearlfishes
    • Superorder Acanthopterygii


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