New South Wales Legislative Assembly

one of the two chambers of the Parliament of New South Wales

The New South Wales Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the parliament of New South Wales in Australia. The upper house is the Legislative Council. Both sit at Parliament House in the state capital, Sydney. The Assembly has 93 members, each elected to a single-member constituency, known as seats. Voting is by the optional preferential system.[1]

New South Wales Legislative Assembly
55th Parliament
Hon. Shelley Hancock MP, Liberal
Since 3 May 2011
NSW Legislative Assembly 2015.svg
Political groups
     Liberal (37)
     National (17)
     Labor (34)
     Greens (3)
     Independent (2)
Last election
29 March 2015
Meeting place
Legislative Assembly Chamber
Parliament House, Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia
NSW Legislative Assembly
NSW first Legislative Assembly - 1880

Members of the Legislative Assembly have the acronym MP after their names.[2] Until 1990, the acronym "MLA" ( Member of the Legislative Assembly ) was used.


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