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Nissan Motor Company

Japanese automobile manufacturer
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Nissan (In Japanese: 日産自動車株式会社; Nissan Jidōsha Kabushikigaisha) is a company from Japan which makes vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses. In the United States it was previously called Datsun.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Native name日産自動車株式会社
Romanized nameNissan Jidōsha Kabushiki-gaisha
TypePublic (K.K.)
Traded as
When it was created26 December 1933; 85 years ago (1933-12-26) (under Nissan Group)[1][2]
People who started it
HeadquartersNishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan (Officially registered in Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Area servedWorldwide
Key people
Things madeAutomobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, outboard motors, forklift trucks
Production outputIncrease 5,556,241 units (2016)[4]
Money earnedIncrease ¥11.38 trillion (FY2014)[5]
Operating incomeIncrease ¥589.6 billion (FY2014)[5]
ProfitIncrease ¥457.6 billion (FY2014)[5]
Total assetsIncrease ¥17.04 trillion (FY2014)[5]
Total equityIncrease ¥5.07 trillion (FY2014)[5]
Owner(s)Renault S.A. (43.4%)
Employees142,925 (consolidated, March, 2014)[6]

Nissan makes cars under its own name, while its luxury cars have the brand Infiniti. In 1999, it made a partnership with Renault of France, and was joined by Mitsubishi Motors in 2016.[7]



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