Nitta Shrine (Satsumasendai City)

Shinto shrine in Satsumasendai, Japan
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Nitta Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in Kagoshima Japan. The Nitta Shrine has two notable subshrines the Nitta Hachimangu, which is an ichinomiya or the first ranked shrine in the province, and the Shukō Jinja, a Sōja shrine, or a shrine where people can worship all the gods of the province at once.

Nitta Shrine

Susanoo (Gozu Tenno)
Nitta Yoshisada

all the deities of Satsuma Province (Sōja shrine)
Year consecrated1358

It is on a hill near the Sendai River, and has a good view of the river.[1] It enshrines Ninigi-no-Mikoto.[1]

In 1874, the Imperial Household Ministry identified the tomb located behind the shrine as the Mt. Kawai Mausoleum. It is believed to be the burial site of Ninigi no Mikoto, the Grandfather of Emperor Jimmu

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Nitta Hachimangu is a Hachiman shrine located within this shrine. It is the ichinomiya or first ranked shrine of Satsuma Province.

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Shukō Jinja (九楼守公神社) is a Sōja shrine. It enshrines all the kami of the shrines in Satsuma Province. This provides a place where people can worship all the kami at once.

It is a subshrine of Nitta Shrine

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