Osman I

Founder of the Ottoman Empire (died 1323/4)

Osman I or Osman Gazi (Ottoman Turkish: عثمان غازى, romanized: ʿOsmān Ġāzī; Turkish: I. Osman or Osman Gazi; died 1323/4)[4][1][a] was the founder of the Ottoman Empire (first known as the Ottoman Beylik or Emirate). While initially a small Turkoman[5] principality during Osman's lifetime, his beylik transformed into a world empire in the centuries after his death.[6] It existed until shortly after the end of World War I.

Osman I
An Ottoman miniature depicting Osman, c. 1580
Uch Bey of the Sultanate of Rum
Reignc. 1280c. 1299
SuccessorOffice disestablished
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Reignc. 1299 – 1323/4
PredecessorOffice established
Died1323/4[1] (age 68–70)
Bursa, Ottoman Beylik
Tomb of Osman Gazi, Osmangazi, Bursa Province, Turkey
SpouseMalhun Hatun
Rabia Bala Hatun
IssueOrhan I
Alaeddin Pasha
Full name
Osman bin Ertuğrul bin Gündüz Alp[2]
عثمان بن ارطغرل بن گندز الپ
Osman bin Ertuğrul bin Suleyman Shah
عثمان بن ارطغرل بن سلیمان شاہ
DynastyOttoman dynasty
ReligionSunni Islam


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