Party for Freedom

Dutch political party
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The Party for Freedom, Dutch: Partij voor de Vrijheid (shortened PVV), is a right-wing political party in the Netherlands.


Party leader, founder and only member is Geert Wilders.

The party was founded on 22 February 2006. In the 2006 Dutch general election, PVV won 6 seats in the House of Representatives with 579,490 votes. In the 2010 elections, PVV won 24 seats with 1,435,349 votes. In the 2012 elections, PVV won 15 seats with 950,263 votes. In the 2017 elections, the PVV won 20 seats (+5) with 1,372,941 votes. In the 2021 elections they have won 17 seats (-3).

PVV is Eurosceptic, meaning they are against the European Union.[1] They are also openly very critical of Islam.[2][3] Economically, the party supports economic liberalism and wants to lower taxes. It is also a populist party.

The PVV gained a great amount of popularity in 2017, coming second in the election.[4][5]

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