Natural region between Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil
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The Pampas are fertile South American lowlands. It is from a Quechua word meaning "plain". It covers more than 750,000 km2 (289,577 sq mi). That include parts of Argentina, most of Uruguay, and the southernmost Brazilian State. The climate is mild.

Map of South America, with the pampas encompassing a south-eastern area bordering the Atlantic ocean.
Rhea bird

Some of the wildlife includes the rhea, the pampas deer, several species of armadillos, the pampas fox, the White-eared opossum, the Elegant Crested Tinamou, and several other species. Frequent wildfires mean that only small plants such as grasses live, and trees are rare.

Coordinates: 35°S 62°W / 35°S 62°W / -35; -62