paraprofessional who assists qualified lawyers in their legal work

A paralegal is a person who works with lawyers. Paralegals know the law, and they use their knowledge to help people who are charged with a crime, people who want to charge someone with a crime, people who want to sue someone, and people who are being sued. Paralegals are similar to lawyers, but not as educated in the law. They sometimes only do what lawyers ask them to do, but can sometimes work alone.[1]

Some companies hire paralegals instead of lawyers, because they are less expensive to hire. Paralegals go to school for a shorter amount of time than lawyers do, and they do not make as much money.


Most paralegals go to school for two to four years. They learn about different kinds of law, such as business law, criminal law, and civil law. They also learn how to work with lawyers, how to create contracts and other official agreements, and how to do research well.[2]


Paralegals normally make around $48,000 a year. They can make as little as $35,000 a year, or as much as $60,000 a year.[3]


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