Pepin the Short

King of the Franks from 751 to 768

Pepin the Short or Pippin (714September 24, 768), often known as Pepin the Younger or Pepin III, was King of the Franks from 751 to 768.

Pepin the Short

Pepin was the son of Charles Martel and Chrotrud (690 - 720), and was born in Jupille, Belgium.

In 740 Pepin married Bertrada of Laon. She was the daughter of Caribert of Laon. They had two sons and a daughter who lived long enough to become adults:

Pepin died at Saint Denis and is buried in the basilica with his wife, Bertrada of Laon. His sons, Charlemagne and Carloman, were each King of half the Kingdom of the Franks after him.